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If you want to try a detox only to lose weight, let me tell you something: It will probably work. Let me tell you something else: You will probably gain the weight right back if you start eating mindlessly again. You will also confuse your body a lot. It is time to stop the quick […]

July 26, 2022

How would you like to wake up every morning and have a healthy breakfast made for you?  Well these recipes will help you do just that. I am not a breakfast person but these recipes have changed that (at least temporarily). I wake up excited to see how my creations from the night before have […]

July 25, 2022

Notes from the Chef: You can replace half the almond flour with coconut or quinoa flour for a little different flavor and texture.  Ingredients 3 eggs – beaten 1 tsp. vanilla 2 tsp. baking powder 1/2 tsp. kosher salt 2 tbsp. coconut oil, melted 1/4 cup raw honey 1/3 cup almond milk 3 tbsp. fresh […]

July 25, 2022

(Make twice for a full 3 days)  Ingredients 3 cups filtered water 1 cup kale 1 cup spinach 3 each celery stalks 1 green apple – quartered (seeds included) 1 pear – quartered (seeds included) 1 banana 1/2 each lemon — outer peel removed, pith and seeds intact 1 cup ice — optional 1 Tbsp. […]

July 25, 2022

“These are great as an appetizer, breakfast, brunch, or even a vegetarian main course.” Servings: 12 Preparation Time: 0:30 Ingredients 2 jars artichoke hearts marinated in oil — (6 ounce) 2 tablespoons olive oil 1 small yellow onion — minced 2 cloves garlic — minced 4 eggs 1/4 cup Panko — (or gluten-free bread crumbs […]

July 25, 2022

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