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A full set of everything you need to field clients requests and be prosperous! Service agreements, business plan guide, sample menus, customized nutritional assessment, sample service agreements, and much, much more!

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A step by step guide from start to finish on how to start and sustain a prosperous and successful personal chef business without the feast and famine energy. 

Gets bits of wisdom and inspiration on starting and sustaining a successful personal chef business shared by Chef Jessica.

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Hi, I'm Chef Jessica.


Hand crafted food made with love from the highest quality sourced ingredients has always been how I roll.

My first priority is it must taste delicious! If you are going to eat it, it must taste good, right? But a very close second, or even tied for first, is meeting all your dietary parameters whatever that may be.

It is different for everyone, but it could be you want to lose fifty pounds? You may be working with a doctor but is a doctor going to tell you where to shop, what to buy, and when to eat? Or you may be recovering from an illness and want to transition to a sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable way of eating. Or maybe you are training for an upcoming event and need to gain muscle in a healthy way.

my story

"Before working with Jessica, I didn't know how to structure my chef business for the high-end clientele. I wanted my style to come through from the first interaction with me to the end.

However, I needed clarity on setting up a system to bring my clients in that would be easy and repeatable for me. I feel that the most clarity came once I invested in her program. This program allowed me to think about the little things that I had not given deep consideration to. There is so much we can simplify as chefs!


I'm ready!!

Are you ready to grow your chef business?

From the basics to the fine details of the business aspects. 

Finance, menu planning, marketing, and client retention. 

The fundamentals of online presence, effective marketing, keeping a recipe database, food safety, and more!

for those who are just starting or those looking to uplevel their existing business, 

The 5 Keys to Starting and Sustaining a Personal Chef Business masterclass

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The best way to pivot in these challenging times as a culinarian.

Potential income as a personal chef.

One way to attract clients who can hire and pay for personal chefs.

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