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Chef Jessica is 100% committed to the nourishment of you and your family. Using only the highest quality ingredients, Chef Jessica hand crafts meals that are custom tailored to any requirements. Chef services are available on a retainer with a minimum 6 month contract. 

Currently there is a wait list for chef services. Please submit your inquiry if you are interested in learning more or adding your name to the list. 

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Whether it is fat loss, muscle gain, or managing an illness, Chef Jessica can help you accomplish your goals by designing and planning a menu for your needs. You will learn what to eat and how to manage it in your day to day activities. 

By working by your side, you will have the full support of Chef Jessica and her knowledge to make your goals happen. Specializing in weight management, managing an illness, food allergies, and dietary restrictions. 

Chef Jessica has created resources for weight loss, counting macros, managing an illness, and precision nutrition that offer the exact same information she has used to support her clients for over two decades. 

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Hi, I'm Chef Jessica.

I'm passionate about the food industry and the chef world in general. I am a foodie at heart that has a reverence for wellness and nutrition. 

Hand crafted food made with love from the highest quality sourced ingredients has always been how I roll.

My first priority is it must taste delicious! If you are going to eat it, it must taste good, right? But a very close second, or even tied for first, is meeting all your dietary parameters whatever that may be.

It is different for everyone, but it could be you want to lose fifty pounds? You may be working with a doctor but is a doctor going to tell you where to shop, what to buy, and when to eat? Or you may be recovering from an illness and want to transition to a sustainable, healthy, and enjoyable way of eating. Or maybe you are training for an upcoming event and need to gain muscle in a healthy way.

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Fuel your brain

The same Essential Detox offered to my VIP clients, now available for you to do yourself!

A comprehensive guide to enhancing your body’s natural detoxification process. Designed to assist with improving your health, reducing food addiction, and fat loss. Including three to five days of delicious recipes with no processed food, high in fiber, lean protein, and fresh ingredients.

A gentle way to ease your body and mind into a new way of eating. No rigid rules or restrictions. 4 weeks of support and standards to shift your life into new patterns and habits that fit you and your lifestyle. 4 weeks of recipes, activity recommendations, and focus goals.

Weekly check ins and email support included. Includes a 20 minute one on one with Chef Jessica to help get the most out of the program. 

We all know we need to fuel our body for optimal performance, but our brain needs proper nourishment also. In this 2-week menu plan,

Chef Jessica will refuel your brain with delicious recipes for all three meals plus snacks. Be fueled and ready to take on whatever you have coming your way. 

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"Jessica has great recipes and insight on how to eat according to your lifestyle! I highly recommend her services!!!"

-Carly Paganas

Chef Jessica was able to blend the different tastes of our family so we could eat healthy and delicious meals without stress and a mess. My husband loves steak and mashed potatoes and can pretty much eat what he wants. I am more of a chicken and fish person, but I am also gluten and dairy-free. Chef Jessica helped my husband enjoy healthier options and accommodated my needs. Everything Chef Jessica makes us has always tasted delicious.

-Gina Papandrea

As a player, staying fueled with lean protein, healthy carbs, and lower in fats is a daily struggle. Chef Jessica changed that for me and my family. Several other players on our team used her help and support when we were in San Diego for the season.

-Former MLB Player of the San Diego Padres


Not all food is created equal. If you want to make changes without the feeling of deprivation, I can help. will help customize the food to your likes, dislikes, and requirements. We can accommodate the needs of all family members in one meal, regardless of their differences.

If you are ready to make changes, don’t wait. Get in touch with me today!

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