Earn $500-$1000 Profit 
Per Service Day As A 
Personal Chef

And Easily Scale Within 6 Months Or Less!


Learn Everything You Need To Know SO YOU CAN START YOUR BUSINESS In As Early As 2 Weeks!

Start And Have A Strong Foundation For Your Business

Effectively Promote Your High-level Personal Chef Service

Retain Clients For Years!

I'm excited to be a prosperous personal chef!

Attention: Chefs, Culinary Graduates, & Amazing Home Cooks!
Let Me Teach You How To:

Whether You Are An Experienced Chef Or An Amazing Home Cook...

This Program Will Help You Monetize Your Passion For Cooking

What You’ll Get In This Program:

Module 1:

How to legally establish your business and protect yourself from legal issues. Setting the foundation.

Module 2:

Writing an extensive varietal menu

Module 3:

Creating a customized preference sheet for your customers

Module 4:

Mindset and Strategy combo you shouldn’t miss!

Module 5:

Web presence and marketing your business

Module 6:

Establishing your recipe database

Module 7:

The Elements of Effective Marketing

Module 8:

Tools and Packaging

Module 9:

Importance of Food Safety and Dry-run

Module 10:

Strategic ways to have more clients

And let's not forget the bonuses!

Bonus #1

Done-for-you 4-page Preference Assessment Sheet with questions on things you need to know when cooking for your clients.

Bonus #2

Done-for-you sample menu you can use with over 100 options to offer to your clients.

Bonus #3

Done-for-you Price List/Structure

Bonus #4

Done-for-you Email Sales Script

Bonus #5

free support in our prosperous chef facebook community

Don’t Miss The Financially-rewarding Opportunity Of Being A Personal Chef!

Dear Aspiring Personal Chefs,

Are you a talented cook or chef but you’re struggling with earning an income to keep your head above the water?

Have you been working long enough in the food industry and realized that you’re overworked and still underappreciated?

Are you already on top of the culinary organizational chart but you’re still barely making enough to pay your bills?

Have you lost your job or can’t find work due to all the restrictions in the food and hospitality industry right now?

Stay with me on this page, keep reading and I'll tell you about a business that you can start right away, and why this PIVOT will be the best thing to do for 2021 and beyond.


the pandemic changed the face of hospitality, restaurants are struggling, and more people are eating at home.

But that doesn’t mean they’re ready to settle for any bland or low-quality food.

now more than ever before, people are want homemade, DELICIOUS, and nutritious restaurant-quality food in the comfort of their home.

Here are some clients who may need your service:

Busy people with dietary restrictions or food allergies

Professional Athletes who have a special diet

CEO’s and busy professionals or executives

​Active seniors who love to entertain and have an appreciation for gourmet food

​Busy Families who don’t have the time or desire to cook healthy and delicious food

And many more...

you have a skill that is needed by many. People are Making their health a priority and they need your knowledge and support.

You may just be the PERSONAL CHEF that they need, and it’s my mission to let you know that!

Personal chefs can easily profit up to $500-$1000++ per gig on a single day. If you learn how to do this business correctly from the get-go, (plus learn simple but powerful industry secrets), you can:

That’s why I want to help you get started with a lucrative business that can make you earn income beyond what you ever thought possible.

You won’t ever have to request a day off or cover someone else’s shift.


Have a profitable business for decades

Freedom to work at your own hours

Spend holidays and weekends with your family

Take a vacation whenever you want

​Avoid stress and pain on your body brought about by working long hours (devoid of rest)

These are big claims, I know.

I’ve been through a lot in the food service and catering industry, so trust me when I say: I’ve seen it all, both the good and bad!

But before I say more, let me introduce myself...

Hello, I’m Chef Jessica Leibovich. 

 I have been a chef ever since 1997 but i have loved cooking ever since
I started passionately serving pancakes to my family at age 6.

Even at that age, I would say to my dad that we should start our own pancake restaurant.

I caught the love of serving (and eating) good food early in my life. I love the fact that food brings people together and it’s the star of many happy memories. It brings me great joy to make my friends and family happy by cooking them something they will remember.

I spent my entire childhood cooking for others.

As a latchkey kid, I was making myself steak after school at 12.

In high school, I started cooking more and more. I remember the day when I whipped up something delicious for my friends out of our bare refrigerator, my best friend said out of the blue, “Jess, you should be a chef.”

I told her: “You are right, I should be a chef!”

I figured, why not make a career out of something that I love doing? And so taking up culinary studies for college became an easy choice. I settled on Johnson and Wales in Charleston, SC.

It was all very natural and I loved every moment at culinary school. 
I graduated Magna Cum Laude in Culinary Arts from Johnson and Wales University, and decided to further my culinary education in La Varenne Ecole de Cuisine Burgundy France way back in 1997. When I left France, I moved to San Diego and started putting my education to use. 

ABOVE: My dad and I the day of my graduation of culinary school, Johnson and Wales University, in Charleston, SC 
Below: LaVarenne e'cole de cusine

I spent 3 years as a Sous Chef for a high end catering company where we did incredible events for celebrities, millionaires, and politicians.

I learned some phenomenal skills and worked so hard to make the events spectacular.

The company even somehow got out of paying me overtime when we had busy weeks and I worked 14 hour days.

However, ultimately, I was broke and stressed out. I felt overworked and underpaid. 

Enough was enough. There came a point when:

 I felt bone-tired after every working day

I was also mentally exhausted, as I felt deprived of holidays and day-offs as well as time with my family and friends

I needed to earn more money for so many reasons




I read an article about personal chefs and it sounded like a dream job to me.

something inside me said this was the right path for me. i knew i would be a good personal chef and be able to help others. 

So I started my personal chef business (Entree Nous) back in January of 2000. It brought me on an amazing journey of growing my career to the perfect place for me.
I was able to create a business that fit my lifestyle and checked all my boxes.

Clients who make the most magic while working with me...

I own my time

I loved my business more than i thought possible because: 

I can take vacations whenever I want

My income was not limited to the hours I worked

I get to spend time with my family

​I got to work with both regular families and famous clients

My health was not compromised because I had ample time to take time off when I needed to.

I don’t know about you, but those are BIG WINS for me.

I'm ready to get started!

Running a business was a totally different ball game than being an employee.

Looking back, I wish someone took me by the hand and mentored me on how to run a personal chef business...because kick-ass cooking skills were just the tip of the iceberg.

Maybe you want to start a chef business but don't know where to start? 

Maybe you know you can cook but have no idea where to find clients or what else to do? 

I can relate, as when I started I didn’t know what to do and how to do it.

But after two decades of ups and downs I got extremely clear on what works and what doesn’t.

i thought cooking for a family would be a breeze after cooking for hundreds or even thousands of people as a sous chef


That is why I created my comprehensive program for aspiring personal chefs.


Let me get this straight...this is NOT a program where I’ll teach you cooking procedures or recipes. You already know how to cook.

The Prosperous Personal Chef

This program is going to show you how to start and successfully run a personal chef business — so you can unlock your dream life and income— FAST.

“Isn’t my  culinary education enough?”

“What will I learn from this program that I don’t know yet?”

"I can find the information online or figure it out myself"

But you may think:

Well, maybe...that is, if you’d rather have countless times of trial and error, and you’ve got the time and money to finance those possible mistakes. 

learn from my mistakes

I’ve worked in the food industry for several years before deciding to venture into a personal chef business.

I did the most elegant events for a thousand times or more. We did events at art galleries, mansions, outdoor parks, and more.

I thought cooking for a family of 4 or a couple would be a breeze…


Nothing could have prepared me for what I got myself into.

I’ll say it again…

You can’t be a personal chef with just cooking skills alone.
You need to have some business skills.

I'm so ready for this program!

Here are the things that I will teach in my program.


First steps to starting a personal chef business.

Creating a business plan, this step is often overlooked by many start-up businesses. Answer the 8 crucial questions in this module, so you can have a sensible roadmap and strong foundation to make your business stable. 

What business name structure has more impact when it comes to marketing?


The important thing that you should keep in mind when crafting your menu. Miss this step and you risk the proper execution of quality service.

Other ways that you can earn income as a personal chef.

Get paid while promoting your business for free.

Examples of menu combination plus recipes and chef notes. This can save you TIME from doing tedious research and putting all the puzzle pieces together---so you can start your business ASAP.

One of my secrets on how to make new clients regular clients.

The pro-tip that you need to hear when crafting your varietal menu.


Crafting the nutritional assessment. 

This has also been my “secret weapon” on how to establish rapport with clients from the get-go, and get to keep them as clients for a very long time! Yup, let’s make ourselves INDISPENSABLE by executing this crucial step.

Pro-tip on how to collect payment with ease.


How to avoid being underpaid by pricing your service correctly. What is the average lowest price that I want you to take note of (as of 2020). For the love of cooking, please don’t ever go lower than this price! Learn THE GOLDEN RULE in pricing!

What should you factor in when determining your pricing? It sure doesn’t just end on food cost and profit margins.

The best way to charge for financial security.

The 2 rules that I want personal chefs to remember more than anything else.

The art that you need to master in order to maximize profit margin.


Is it necessary to have a website before starting your business?

Social media, paid ads, email marketing? What works?

What you can do to market yourself during “slow times” or off-peak months.


Why recipes from cookbooks and free Youtube videos may not always work for personal chef business.

The inexpensive tool that makes me more efficient and organized as a personal chef. 

The other things that you should have a database of, in order to save a ton of time and effort.

A “must research ahead” list, so you can position yourself as an expert (without claiming that you’re a medical expert) on your next client call. 

The step or instruction that is often overlooked by personal chefs...yet it’s so crucial as it can make or break your business.


How to be memorable as a personal chef.

Important communication points.

Know my “elevator pitch”.

Strategic ways to market your personal chef business offline.


The 2 tools that YOU MUST NEVER GO WITHOUT! I mean, you can forgive yourself for not having a knife, but never without these 2 tools.

How to work smarter, not harder.


Why being a chef in a restaurant is different from being a personal chef.

The next crucial skill that you have to develop (because you’re already a kick-ass cook!) 

Dry-run tips and pro-tip to keep your food out of the danger zone.


A great script to make referral easy for your current clients.

Quick review of Modules 1 to 9.

You’ve finished any form of culinary education and you want to take the business route instead of being an employee in a restaurant or catering company.

You’re already a decorated chef, you’ve risen from the ranks and made your way into being a sous chef or executive chef, but you now want to start your own business to have more control of your time, health, and financial situation.

You have experience in cooking or meal preparation, but you haven’t quite figured out how to make it profitable because you don’t know the correct way of costing, preparing food, packaging, pricing your service, client-getting and client-retention.

​You already have a small-scale food business, and you want to unlock the mystery of the personal chef business, so you can leap over to a higher level of income.

​You’re someone who loves to cook, gets fulfilled cooking for friends and family, and now you want to monetize that fascination for food, without taking away the therapeutic joy in cooking brought by stress in meal prepping and all that jazz in between. (Yes, I personally know a lot of personal chefs who have no formal culinary education, had their fair share of trial and error, but now they’re slayin’ at it!)

It can be a very profitable industry if you know how to work smart and keep your clients happy.

But there are other ways to find clients (from different demographics) and I’ve tackled them inside the course. Yay!

having a personal cehf is going to become more mainstream every day. 
having someone help with the cooking and shopping is needed more than ever before...


I am interested in prosperous personal chef program!

People need healthier non-greasy options

People may want all organic or need to know all the ingredients in their food

People  want high-end options but don’t want to pay restaurant prices

​People need customized meals according to their food allergies

​People have health challenges they need support with

People have a family of picky eaters

People don’t want to do grocery shopping anymore

You have a very important skill that can help a lot of people.

They need someone to do the heavy lifting (a.k.a. planning shopping, prepping, and cooking) because they don’t have the time or they just don’t want to do it themselves.

And did you know that meal prepping is just one of the ways you can make money as a personal chef?

There are lots of other ways you can supplement your income and we will go over them in my course.

I will help you decide which ones to offer that are in alignment with you and your customers. 

I’ve done them all. The pay is great, and I get to advertise my business for FREE! 

the possibilities to make money are countless and you will love the freedom!

I'm excited to be a prosperous personal chef!

What You’ll Get In This Program:

Module 1: How to legally establish your business and protect yourself from legal issues. Setting the foundation.

Module 2: Writing an extensive varietal menu

Module 3: Creating a customized preference sheet for your customers

Module 4: Mindset and Strategy combo you shouldn’t miss!

Module 5: Web presence and marketing your business

Module 6: Establishing your recipe database

Module 7: The Elements of Effective Marketing

Module 8: Tools and Packaging

Module 9: Importance of Food Safety and Dry-run

Module 10: Strategic ways to have more clients


Done-for-you 4-page Preference Assessment Sheet with questions on things you need to know when cooking for your clients.

The in-depth longevity assessment that I have perfected after years of doing the business. You don’t need to figure out what to ask. You can get my very questionnaire, and it’s nothing that you can just find on the internet. 

This is gonna make your prospects want to pick you and not some random personal chef. 

With these questions, your prospects will perceive that you’ve been doing this business for a long time. Yup! Set yourself apart from the rookies! I did all the heavy-lifting for you, so all you have to do is ASK.

Done-for-you 4-page Preference Assessment Sheet with questions on things you need to know when cooking for your clients.

Done-for-you sample menu you can use with over 100 options to offer to your clients.

If you have time to binge my course content for a day (or a weekend, or a few minutes for 5 straight days)...heck, you can start the dry-run right away! No need to burn mental calories by crafting a menu, I made it ready for you so you can get your business started ASAP. You’re welcome!

If I could only charge for the many (many) times I’ve been asked about pricing their service, I’d be a billionaire by now! Let’s get this elephant out of the room, shall we? It’s yours for the taking.  Again, you’re welcome.

Done-for-you Price List/Structure

Is it okay if I overdeliver? I really want you to have your systems in place, so you don’t need to think about little stuff here and there. You can have my proven and tested email sales script.

Done-for-you Email Sales Script

We gotta stay in touch with each other. Here in this private community, you can always ask me questions anytime. You can also share your recent struggles, WINS, and everything in between. I will also regularly chime in for the latest updates in the industry.

Private Facebook Group Community exclusive for Paid members

i want to be a prosperous personal chef

If you are still contemplating whether to jump in...I totally understand…

Starting a business is risky and it can feel very scary. Having the security of a paycheck (especially if benefits are included) can be hard to give up.

But if you’re done with the 12-hour work days, and you think that you can shatter your limits by having a business that allows you to 5x your current income...then let me help you finally make that a reality!

if you apply everything that I teach in this program, you will be known as one of the best personal chefs in your area.

I am teaching you not just how to get clients but how to keep them for a long time.

I want your clients to love you and your food. If you can make that happen, that’s your job security right now.

the best part is one client will completely pay for this course. So you can get the return on your investment. 

I want to start my personal chef business now!

Question: Will there be a refund if this doesn’t work?

This program is filled with propietary information that will save you hours of time and get you up and running faster than anything else so I cannot offer a refund. 

Question: Other Personal Chef Master courses are worth $1000 with even less modules, why is this program very affordable? What’s the catch?

There’s no “catch” or any hidden agenda. I want to fast track your success, I don’t want money to be an obstacle

Question: What if I didn’t go to culinary school, will this program work for me?

YES. You will have the most benefit in this course. Truth be told, the majority of personal chefs did not have the privilege of attending culinary school. Their love for cooking anchored them to start the business. 

Because this business won’t thrive with just cooking skills alone, my goal is to save you from all the trial & error that leads to more headaches and wasted money.

While culinary school teaches you the art and skill of cooking, this course will be more focused on running the business. After this course, you will be way ahead than the professionally-trained chefs when it comes to running a personal chef business.


Ready to become a prosperous chef?

I'm ready to become a prosperous personal chef!